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Ask yourself this question, would you want the BEST DJ in the world to perform at your wedding? Well ask your self, what does that mean? To us the best DJs are not the most famous in the world. They are the one’s who are going to listen to your story, see your vision and then offer their experience, expertise, and technical proficiency to help customize a perfect day tailored around your wishes.

Another question. Was the location, the venue, the dress, the flowers, the food, the wedding colors even the centerpieces on your mind before the DJ? Probably so LOL. That’s ok we are used to it. This occurs because you have been dreaming of the aesthetics and visualizing this big day in your minds eye. Unfortunately the mind doesn’t always produce the best soundtrack. However, it has the amazing ability to recall moments from your life when you hear a special song. As in when your riding down the road and that song comes on then BAM you think back to a special moment and special place.

So with this knowledge do you want you and your guest to able to think about the happy memories created when everything was put into motion and set to the soundtrack of your wedding day? Do you want everyone to reminisce on how they laughed, danced, and cried years from now when they are sitting in traffic and your song comes on? Do you want to both hear and picture that beautiful time you spent in the Florida Keys and think back about how the night was set to music and everyone had such a good time.  YES, YES, YES. You want it and we want it for you.

Without exception, your choice of entertainment will provide one of the most significant impacts on your special day!  I am Nick Morse the owner of Kiss Me Entertainment. That stands for Keys Island Services for Marriage and Event Entertainment.  We are the premiere Wedding DJ Company for the Florida Keys. I am a third generation DJ. I have been in the DJ business full times for over 15 very wonderful and successful years! Creating great events has taken me all over the world. I call the Keys my home and I want to make everything easy for you, I want to listen to what you want then provide it- I promise you the time of your life and memories you will cherish forever.

So please allow me to ask you one last question. Can you imagine a perfect day happening without the best DJ for your event? When considering who will be best for you, just imagine a DJ who considers your wedding day to be as special as you do. Imagine having a DJ who treats you like Gold, who works in closely with you both to ensure your every wish is met and your day runs perfectly. Imagine a DJ who will be your right hand for the day – someone who will act as your wedding guide without taking any of the limelight away from you. Imagine a DJ that will provide class with style, showcase the progressive and modern with the whimsy of tradition and most importantly highlight your idea of what is the perfect day.

Imagine a DJ who just ‘gets it’… Imagine no more…you made the right decision to come to the paradise that is the Florida Keys for a beautiful wedding. You know what you want and we want the best for you. No matter how big or small your wedding, you will find your Keys Wedding DJ right here at Kiss Me Entertainment.

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KISS ME Entertainment stands for Keys Island Services for Marriage and Event entertainment. We are based out of the beautiful Florida Keys. We serve all the islands from Key West to Key Largo. We are the premiere event company specializing in weddings, but providing various services for all events.

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