Picture a beautiful day in the Florida Keys the sun is shinning the palm trees are swaying and all your guest are arriving. As your friends and family stroll in, the music of you choice is gently playing in the background setting the mood for a beautiful day. Then everyone takes their seats in anticipation of the bridal party walking down the aisle. The special songs you have picked out for your wedding day reflect your personality and walk you out in front of everyone and prepare for the vows. As the Officiant begins to speak everyone is able to actually hear the vows and listen to what is actually being said, people can see and hear the I Do’s and after the kiss a great song plays and Kiss Me Entertainment is already set up for your cocktail hour and reception and as your guest go to get their first drink the music is already playing everyone is happy and we know it is going to be a lovely day.

That is what we do for wedding ceremonies we handle everything in the background so your ceremony goes just like you imagined. If you do not have a sound system we provide one for both music and microphones. If you have a musician performing you might know by now they do not provide microphones, no problem we will take care of that. We can help with equipment and/or music for your wedding ceremony.

    We perform off-site and onsite ceremonies.
    This would typically include:

  • Separate Pro Audio P.A. Sound System
  • Wireless Lapel and Wireless Handheld Type Microphones,  (Groom + Officiate)
  • Additional Microphones – for singers or readers
  • Customized Wedding Ceremony Music (if needed)
  • Additional Inputs for musicians, guitarists, etc. if needed
  • Optional Remote Power Battery Unit for those areas without electricity.

    Some ceremonies are in close proximity to the DJ booth (within 75 ft) in this scenario we can do just a microphone add on with out the need for an additional 
sound system. I will be glad to review your current setup and arrangement to ensure it covers everything above . . . even if you don’t need or book the wedding ceremony services.

Wedding Ceremony Planning

All wedding ceremony packages also include planning services to ensure your ceremony covers all of the details and flows smoothy. Your online planning account will have a dedicated “Wedding Ceremony” module activated and ready for you to answer a handful of helpful questions to help us cover all of the details.  We will review things such as:
  • Order of ceremony processional & wedding party.
  • Songs for wedding processional(s), during ceremony and recessional
  • Special ceremony traditions that may need to be worked in
  • Additional sound/equipment requirements such as Microphones for readers/singers.
*NOTE: Sometimes, if you have a coordinator, he/she will review some of this with you.  If so, that’s great (and recommended) and we’ll still cover some of the details.  But if not, then we’ll get a bit more in depth with some of those things to ensure your entire wedding ceremony is covered from start to finish.

“But, I don’t need speakers and microphones!”

This certainly is a personal choice and from time to time we hear this early in the planning stages. Some brides think, “Well, it will be a small wedding won’t they be able to hear us” Unfortunately No. Why? Our voices just don’t carry – especially under the sweet emotion of your wedding or when trying to compete with the warm breeze of the ocean coming off the sand! We have found If your wedding is going to be larger than 20  people or outside or in a noisy area, it is highly recommended to include sound reinforcement (amplification) for your ceremony service. Even if you have musicians, since they will be busy playing music. Of course, for some couples it is not a concern if the group can hear the“I Do’s”. Feel free to ask us anything you want we are the best at ceremonies in the Florida Keys.
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