Your wedding reception is the time to celebrate your big day, kick back, let loose and enjoy all of the time (and likely, blood, sweat and tears that you’ve put into getting ready for the day.  The Reception is the main event where we help both plan and execute the details to fit what you have envisioned for weeks, months and maybe even years!

Here are a few things we do.

  • Planning and coordination of the Reception – where we cover the event highlights, timeline, music selection.  It’s personalized, customized and uses a fully automated online planning system. You can check and change details anytime you want.
  • Have a Coordinator?  Great – we’re all in better hands. I’m always glad to work with your coordinator or designated person.
  • Mc and Host – We Make announcements to ensure you and your guests know what’s going on and what’s upcoming. Engage the crowd with a friendly and professional presence. We do not act cheezy or try to take the spotlight away from your day.
  • Work and Coordinate with the other vendors to ensure we are all on the same page. We prep everyone for all the big events and we listen to the needs of all the  vendors – catering staff, photographers, coordinator, and others.
  • DJ music selections are always well known, popular picks from all eras, genres and styles – customized to your liking.
  • Assist with planning and recommendations on Lighting, Decor and other Enhancements to help your wedding stand above the rest.
  • With everything noted above plus some, We tailor my services, style, music and approach to fit YOUR vision, not ours.

What’s Included?

The wedding reception is typically the “Main DJ Setup” typically in the reception ballroom or main event space such as under the tent.  Like many DJ companies pricing is based on the event details (Date, Times, Locations, etc.) and the amount of equipment required.  The main reception system typically requires a basic sound set up for groups under 50. This would include

  • Main DJ Sound System (2 Main Speakers, stands, Etc.)
  • Main DJ Computer Station (Music, Software, Etc.)
  • Wireless Microphones for MC’ing and Toasts/Announcements
  • Mixing Board,  Aux Inputs for any musical guest performances, w/ Effects
  • We can use our own Table or have the venue provide one.
  • Basic lighting

Additional Equipment Possibly Necessary

There are times when your reception may have additional requirements such as:

  • Remote Surround Speakers (for large or obscure rooms)
  • Remote  Speaker Systems (for cocktail hours or sound requirements in an additional space)
  • Remote Mini System (Full service stand-alone system (Music, Speakers, Microphones) for additional area coverage
  • Upgraded Sound System with bass cabinets (for larger weddings or ones that want bigger oomph)
  • upgraded lighting

A Typical Wedding Reception Flow

While we will never treat your wedding like just another event the following is just an idea how a wedding reception might flow. It can begin with a Cocktail Hour and either guests arriving to the venue from offsite, or possibly nearby for an onsite wedding ceremony.  A typical wedding reception may contain and flow as follows*:

  • Cocktail Hour
  • Wedding Party Introductions
  • First Dance Bride/Groom
  • Intros, Welcomes & Blessings/Prayers
  • Dinner Service
  • Toasts
  • Family Dances ( Father & daughter, Mother & Groom)
  • Open Dancing
  • Formalities (Cake Cutting, Bouquet/Garter)
  • More Open Dancing
  • Last Dance / Conclusion

*The above order is only one of many possibilities and options.  Your event may and likely will vary. During our planning sessions, we’ll determine the best order of events and flow possible to fit your needs and wishes.

Once again Don’t worry  we won’t be making cheesy jokes on the microphone, singing silly songs, and surely won’t be showing up in a chicken suit. We are professional, clear sounding and informative on the mic, if you want us to more or less motivational lets us know. We typically try to let you be the center of attention and we provide the perfect soundtrack for you wedding.
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KISS ME Entertainment stands for Keys Island Services for Marriage and Event entertainment. We are based out of the beautiful Florida Keys. We serve all the islands from Key West to Key Largo. We are the premiere event company specializing in weddings, but providing various services for all events.

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