7 Reasons to Trust a Kiss Me Dj

Seven Reasons to Trust Keys Wedding Djs  for Events of Distinction:

1. We’re people people. But we’re not clowns
A “wacky” DJ may be great for children’s parties. But adults quickly grow tired of a DJ who demands all of their attention. Most parties call for a DJ with strong master-of-ceremonies skills and the wisdom to use his own words sparingly. You are the star of your party, not your DJ. ( Warning some Djs think its cool to be cheesy, these same Djs also think that the chicken dance is sure way to get the crowd up. Express to your Dj if you want mild or wild, but he should take your big day serious. Also your Professional wedding Dj should not drink, smoke, use foul language or even be chewing gum.)

2. A great music playlist
We bring tens of thousands of hits to every party. Not just songs, but hit songs. (Don’t be fooled by DJs who say they have 250,000 “titles” or “selections”) (for the record, we have more than 300,000 “titles,” most of them album songs that we don’t include in our online library). But what matters is whether we have your favorite songs. Take a look and see. If you do not see we will have retrieve it no matter what.

3.Easy access to that playlist
Keys Wedding Djs has an entire song library online, it is fully interactive. So you don’t have to guess whether we have your favorite songs. You can pick them from the comfort and convenience of your own computer. ( A quality Dj company should have an online database, you should not have to hand write every song you like.)

4. A proven track record
We’ve done thousands of weddings, class reunions, birthdays, anniversary parties, corporate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and in Florida the popular Quinceanera. We’re proud of the trust we’ve earned from our clients, some of whom book have booked us from across the globe others who have had us travel far and wide to come to them. Many clients have offered their personal phone numbers or email so that you may communicate with them. Some brides really enjoy the chance to talk about their weddings. (Be leery of companies that only use online review services and do not let you contact clients. We are steering away from them because most online services allow the Djs , photographers, etc to remove any bad feedback. WHY? Because they pay to advertise on these sites and they have control. In addition some companies pay to have reviews written for them.)

5.State-of-the-art sound equipment
Even the world’s greatest music would be wasted on a second-rate sound system. So we invest in the best– names like Bose, Apple, Shure, Numark, Crown, QSC, TOA, JBL, Peavey and more– names that professional DJs have come to trust for faithful sound reproduction. ( If you see a Dj with equipment that looks like it came off craigslist RUN. A couple of quality wireless microphones are thousands of dollars alone.)

6. Personal service
We offer each client unlimited contact with us while planning the party. And you’ll have plenty of opportunity to share with your DJ exactly how you’d like your event to proceed. By party time, your DJ will be a trusted friend, not a total stranger. (Many Dj companies book clients, have one person talk to them all year then the week before the wedding assign whatever Dj is available that weekend. This is not what you want. You can not have the most instrumental person to your weddings success just pop up that day.) At Keys Wedding Djs you will always talk to the owner Nick Morse and if he is not your personal Dj you will still have contact  with him and your Dj throughout. Brides often call us for a  variety of reasons. They might want to know a great restaurant for a rehearsal dinner or group activity we want to help in ANYWAY.

7. We’re small
Imagine a company actually bragging about such a thing. But in the DJ business, being too big means losing quality control. We have five professional DJs, each with years of experience. And this is important: each DJ owns and maintains his own equipment and music library. So he takes his work seriously, and treats the client with respect. Unlike the giant companies, we don’t just buy dozens of sound systems, and hire DJ’s off the street to work for gas money. Our people are professionals. They’re paid well. This is our business, not a hobby. You deserve no less. ( How do I know this? My family has been in the Dj business since 1970′s. They have a huge company on the east coast with over 60 disc jockeys. I literally grew up in the business and I know the nightmares that happen every week. Most problems are solved by communication and a great attitude. We have decided to take in clients only looking for the best, which is not everyone, but we do this to maintain unsurpassed quality and give you peace of mind.)

We hope that, after you’ve done some objective research, you’ll conclude that we offer the finest service, with complete peace of mind, and while we are not the cheapest company we offer the most value at a fair price.

Nick Morse

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