DJ / EMCEE / Event Director/ …how about all 3 and more!

At the Kiss Me Entertainment we grew up in the wedding DJ and event business and we always have to evolve. Today’s weddings require our company to be many things Dj, Mc, planners, lighting designers, photo booth operators, liaisons and more. When we bundle it all up we have become Event Host that will provide incredible Event Direction, yet we are all also incredibly talented DJs. We feel the titles MC and DJ are extremely limiting and should be left for average entertainment organizations.


Preparation is the most important aspect of a wedding DJ’s Job. We love being DJs and Event Host and we do it full time, not as a weekend hobby. That means we are in the office every weekday preparing for events, answering calls and returning email. This time commitment allows us to make sure every aspect of your wedding is well organized to your exact specifications. While there is other Dj’s in the Florida Keys, most only do this as a side job and their “ Real Job” often get in they way of your wedding. Unfortunately we get a lot of call’s asking for a DJ last minute because the bargain DJ cannot make it. This is no way to handle the biggest day of your life. We believe that proper planning prevents poor performance and we know we only get one chance to get it right.


Every wedding we do is unique. Our comprehensive online planning tools enable us to collect your specific information so that the announcements, formalities and music selections at your wedding will be exactly as you wish. We can handle everything online and in real time. Destination weddings require more attention to detail so we have provided each one of our client’s their own personal area with the tools needed for us to plan a proper event. You will be able to listen to your music and add notations.

Destination Weddings in The Florida Keys, From Key West to Key Largo:

Our clients are typically young, hip and sophisticated however they want to break away from a HUGE wedding and go for a more laid back vibe hear in the Florida Keys. When they come to places like Key West for a wedding they expect the same qualities in their DJ and other vendors as they would in a major city. Most all of our client’s are from other states and countries, planning destination weddings here in the beautiful Islands of the Florida Keys. We are prepared to assist you with the intricacies and challenges of organizing the music, formalities and logistics for your destination wedding. We are truly destination wedding experts and know what it takes to make your special day go perfect.


Whether it is taking charge or working side by side with a wedding planner at your wedding we can adapt to any timeline or situation to make the day flow perfectly. When it comes to music we have titles from every era and genre, our library is as diverse as the crowds at all the weddings we DJ every year. Our DJs have the experience to know which songs evoke a positive crowd response and, more importantly, will adhere to your “play” list, “do not play” list and any music you would like to include from your personal collection. Let us provide entertainment for your Florida Keys Wedding: At Kiss Me, we love being wedding DJs, and we want your wedding to be the best it can be. We understand the importance of the DJ remaining in the background so the focus can remain on your celebration. Some DJs offer a low price but may fall short in planning, flexibility, professionalism or sound quality, Insurance or even showing up. Our company is referred and preferred by many Florida Keys wedding venues, planners and vendors, because after thousands of weddings we have the professionalism, the know how and the desire to do the job right.

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KISS ME Entertainment stands for Keys Island Services for Marriage and Event entertainment. We are based out of the beautiful Florida Keys. We serve all the islands from Key West to Key Largo. We are the premiere event company specializing in weddings, but providing various services for all events.

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