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A wedding in the Florida Keys is fun and exciting one of the most effective ways of creating the perfect atmosphere and energy at your venue is by using dance floor lighting! We believe in the importance of proper lighting for each of our events, and the impact it has on the dance floor from the moment the guests walk in! Kiss Me Entertainment utilizes some of the highest quality intelligent lighting systems, Led fixture, Moving light’s and more as we want to provide our clients nothing but the BEST on their special day! But let’s be honest most people considering lighting do not know much about it they just want the place to look a certain way or create a certain vibe. So, to make it easier we created Five Categories of lighting. All packages with Cat 1, which is Basic Led lighting for the dance floor and if you want to upgrade we can explain in more detail what type of atmosphere each additional package creates. Many times each venue and wedding is different so we arrive early to each event to set up and program our fixtures colors, patterns, designs, and intensity in accordance with the atmosphere requested by our clients and layout of the room! Some may want a more elegant, slower movement lightscape… while others want that full Nightclub feel, with fast movements and periodic strobing! We can add fun things like bubbles or fog for “introductions” or “first dance”, or any other important moments throughout the evening! Also, dance floor lighting helps people out with being able to see around the venue. Ask us how you can give your night a unique and personalized atmosphere with the proper use of dance floor Lighting!

Kiss Me Entertainment wedding dj lighting in the florida keys. from Kiss Me Entertainment on Vimeo.


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